Dating a Cancer Man - Tenacious, Possessive, and Protective

So you're thinking about dating a Cancer man - A Cancer man is a tenacious lover and even though you might think he is a little slow when it comes to pursuing his woman in a love-relationship; for a Cancer man, nothing is more important than finding the woman of his dreams.

Dating a Cancer Man

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It generally takes a long time before he is emotionally free with his partner. When preparing to date a Cancer man, expect a slow and romantic affair.

The Cancer man likes dating beautiful, warm, lively, and optimistic women but he will be shy in the beginning. He needs to know that his woman appreciates him, before he can open up to her.

Once he has lowered his defenses, a Cancer man turns into a wonderfully loving, sensual, and caring person. They are very intuitive and easily understand other people's feelings.

A Cancerian loves his family and his home is his sacrosanct place. So, when with a Cancer man, let him know, in subtle ways, how important family is for you and your plans for a family.

So, let’s see the good and bad points of dating a Cancer man.

Dating a Cancer Man - Tenacious, Possessive, and Protective

Cancer Man Good Points:

• A Cancer man is a passionate and faithful lover.

• For a Cancer man, home is the most important place in his life. So, after work, he’ll come straight to home, to you.

• A relationship with a Cancer man is about stability. He’ll tenaciously hold on to the relationship, letting go only if you want to end it.

• They are very protective of their loved ones. So you’ll have your knight in shining armor right beside you.

Cancer Man Bad Points:

• A Cancer man is very shy in the beginning as they need to know that the relationship will be strong and secure.

• A Cancer man becomes very possessive of his lady love.

• A Cancer man is very protective and sometimes this turns them into being conservative in their outlook.

• They cannot handle jealousy and create an invisible wall around themselves, if they feel threatened.

Dating Tips:

When dating a Cancer man for the first time, try to choose a quiet and nice place with less people around. A Cancer man is usually very close with their family, so if you run out of topics to talk about, ask him about his family.

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