Dating a Scorpio Man

Loyal, Passionate, Obsessive, Manipulative?

dating a scorpio man

So you are thinking about dating a Scorpio man? Before you do, here is a little insight as to what you should expect.

Firstly, it is said that a Scorpio man can be very misunderstood. The main reason for this is the swing in temperament. They are extremely independent, so it will take more than a little flirtation and sexuality to get them hooked!

A Scorpio man is not usually a social butterfly like some other zodiac signs and they often prefer a more independent lifestyle. This independence gives them the freedom and control of their home.

A Scorpio man is very ambitious and competitive in most situations. They also have a very good ability to change their stance on the fly when it comes to achieving their goals. This ability gives them an edge because they are always ready and willing to change their course of action to meet their goals.

Be careful however, because the Scorpio man is very capable of manipulating a situation for their own greed and benefit. You do not want to be the one they step on while manipulating a situation.

So what are the good and bad points in dating a Scorpio man?

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Scorpio Man Good Points:

• They are very loyal.

• They tend to be very passionate in love making.

• They very capable and resourceful

• They will be well aware of what’s going on at all times

Scorpio Man Bad Points:

• Because of their passionate ways, they tend to be jealous creatures.

• This jealousy also brings with it an obsessive and suspicious way

• Are known to manipulate situations for their personal gain

The thing to keep in mind though, is that if I was to list bad points for any zodiac sign it would look as if dating a person of that sign was a terrible decision. That is not necessarily the case, and it is also not necessarily the case that all Scorpio men will display all of the above good points and bad points.

Dating a Scorpio Man - Loyal, Jealous!

Please let me know more good or bad points to know when being with a Scorpio man from your personal experience.

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