Dating a Younger Man!

Are You Ready To Become a Cougar?

dating a younger man

You are dating a younger man! You know what that makes you right? The term is commonly known as a cougar. Now that you have hitched that younger man, here are a few words of advice.

First of all, know this: every catty comment hissed at you by your friends and coworkers is nothing more than the bitter taste of jealousy. They eat their heart out every time that young man comes to your office. Your neighbors crowd around doors and peepholes when he comes to your home to pick you up. They are wildly mad with jealousy, it practically kills them.

The good thing is that younger men are actually more open to learning new things both in and out of bed. The older men have the notion that they already know everything about pleasing a woman. Younger men not only want you to teach them how best to please you, they are enthusiastic students.

Very enthusiastic students!

Not only are they willing to learn what pleasures a woman, they also want to know a few social lessons as well. The younger man will want to learn from your experiences; they want to learn about grace and good manners in both business and social situations. They are probably just starting their career, but the young man is usually not insecure about your own successes. In fact, they will be more supportive and proud of all that you have done.

dating a younger man cougar

Dating a younger man is going to mean that you are going to always be on your toes staying active. Not only will you make sure that your body is as tight as it can be, but you will start to dress younger because of him as well.

Remember though, when dating a younger man they are pretty flexible about clothing, so do not go overboard trying to wear the latest trends. There is a point in a woman's life where she must realize that able to wear something is not the same as should be wearing it.

Simply fitting into something does not mean it is attractive on you. Think about it, when was the last time you saw an older woman who actually looked great in a miniskirt? No one is saying start wearing granny gear, but shopping in the junior miss when you are well past that age group won’t do it either.

When dating a younger man, make sure you do not use the term "boy toy" in reference to the younger man you are dating. Do not allow others to use the term either. It is degrading and minimizes any sense of real feeling that you might have for each other.

"I need a younger man to
make me feel sexy and alive!"

The term says that you have no real respect for your guy. Using the term yourself says the same thing, as well as saying that you view him as an object, no an equal partner. Even if you say it in a playful, teasing manner, the message is sent and read loud and clear.

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