Dating After Divorce

Dating Tips and Advice for Getting Back in the Game!

"She just seemed
very distant and cold
from one day to the next" - Chris from Des Moines, Iowa

dating after divorce

Dating after divorce may be a daunting task and quite frankly a scary situation to be in. After divorce there are many factors that sometimes make the whole dating thing a difficult game to conquer.

While in marriage, your life changes and adapts to match the stability of the marriage. This may be kids, a career, or even extra weight added because of the comfort zone acquired during marriage.

Now that you are single again, how do you get back in the dating game?

Dating after divorce can be difficult but if you’re prepared for what you may encounter then you can overcome the odds and find yourself eventually happy again.

Tips for Dating After Divorce:

Take Your Time – It is important to take your time while assessing what went wrong in your marriage. Take an objective stance when analyzing the mistakes made by you and your ex-spouse. By doing this, it will allow you to grow into a better person ready to love again. You may also identify the traits of your ex that you are to stay clear away from in your new potential dates.

Have a Support Staff - Stay busy. After the emotional turmoil of divorce, being alone is a potential recipe for disaster. At this stage in your life, use your time to bond with your true friends and family. Getting back into the dating scene as mentioned should be a gradual transition. Staying occupied will also portray to your new potential partner that you are independent and not needy which can be a very attractive quality.

Plan Your Future - Use your divorce as an opportunity to improve your life. You got divorced because something was wrong in your marriage. After analyzing the mistakes made, set goals and requirements as to what you are looking for in your new partner. When you come across those that don’t meet your requirements or if they set off your alarms, move on! Use your intuition and gut feeling as your dating sensors when back in the game.

Be Proud of Your Past – Divorce is not a stain on your character so don’t be afraid to disclose to your new date that you are divorced right away. Find a subtle way to get this out there so that you will be free of any possible tensions associated with hiding your past. Keep the information general, as your new date will not want details of your past marriage at this team. This is also a good test to see what type of person you are dealing with and potentially eliminating a bad candidate without wasting your time or theirs.

dating after divorce -kids

If you have kids, make sure to reveal this to your date right away as well. Not only will this make you look like an honest person but it is another way of weeding out dates that find your situation as deal breakers. Don’t take it personal if you do come across that situation, instead look at it as something that’s just not meant to be and once again you don’t have to waste your valuable time or theirs. Dating after divorce can be scary, but remember these tips and it will make your journey back to happiness a little bit easier and a lot more tension free. If you have any other tips that you would like to share, please let me know.

"I'm ready to hit the dating scene again after my brutal divirce"

Good luck and come as I will be adding more dating tips frequently.

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