Does Size Really Matter? Ask Women Who Are With Men With Small Penises!

Men With Small Penises

This page is for men with small penises. As you know, there is a myth and stereotype that every culture and race has got a different average penis size. Is there really any truth to this?

According to statistics, no matter where you are from the national average penis size is just a little less than 6 inches.

The Journal of Urology and Lifestyle Condoms conducted studies and the results were that on average, men are between 5.08 to 5.9 inches.

Does Size Really Matter? Men are Obsessed With Size, What About Women?

Dating back to ancient times, the statues of the gods were depicted with large members. Over time, this symbolized authority and power.

Because of this, men have been obsessed with the size of their penises.

So what controls the growth size of a man's penis?

Are there a lot of men that suffer from a small penis?

It’s all in the genetics, or is it? Men experience limited penis growth until puberty. It is only when a man’s body begin to transgress into adulthood that their penis once more grows.

Because puberty affects everyone differently, some men start a bit earlier and they may even end later. When this happens, the man becomes more endowed.

On the opposite of the coin are those men that begin puberty later and probably end a bit earlier. For these men, they are less fortunate when it comes to their penis size.

Men With Small Penises – What Can They Do?

There is good news, with advances in science and penis enlargement devices means this condition can be cured.

There are exercises, devices and natural supplements that encourage natural penis enlargement of over 2 1/2 inches through the stimulation of new tissue cells within the penis chambers.

This improvement would surely give any man improved confidence when it comes to dating.

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