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Im looking for someone to spend quality time with and share our thoughts and interests, get to know and have a laugh with.

I am a kind hearted, easy going, honest sort of guy, who wants to meet someone who is of like mind, who I can share interests with, but who can also challenge me. Someone I can laugh with, and to cuddle up to. I'm very laid back, don?t let the little annoyances in life affect me and very rarely get angry, however when I say I want to do something I will always do it.

I like going on random outings, finding new places I haven't explored yet.
Almost always happy and I have an excellent (or at least I believe I do) sense of humour, I can laugh at anything.

I'm very independent and love my work, I work hard and play hard, but must say i've sort of lost the enthusiasm for going out drinking all night and generally throwing myself around a night club in the vain attempt to impress ladies (my dancing has little to be desired lol)

I like some of the finer things in life, good food (of which I eat almost anything) I tend to prefer meeting with friends for a meal and some wine than going out clubbing but I still enjoy going to live bands. Went to the Download festival this year and had a fantastic time, so music festivals are going to be an annual thing for me now.

I also like to mess around with computers alot (I work in IT support) so I suppose you could say I'm a bit of a computer geek, just not your sterotypical geek, computers aren?t the most important thing in my life.

I enjoy going abroad seeing different places and have been to a fair few places for holidays but never been travelling for more than a couple of weeks? yet. I've got family in Spain so try and go out there as much as possible.

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