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Dating can be an extremely scary task if you are not well prepared for all the encounters and situations that you may find yourself in. I remember how I felt after I had recently broken up with my ex girlfriend of many years and it was now time to get back on the dating scene. Because I was away from it so long, I felt totally and completely lost.

dating sitesWhere Do I Start?

I really didn’t have a direction or plan so I found myself staying in a lot because of all my uncertainty. Should I try online dating? If so, what were the best dating websites out there?

I figured not all dating agencies and services would be created equal. I surely didn’t want to waste my time with random strangers, so if I joined a dating or matchmaking site I wanted it to be the right one. Is Great Expectations Dating any good?

What Advice Should I listen to?

In my lonely sorrows, I had all my friends and family trying to give me creative dating ides almost everyday. “Don’t date a Leo woman!” “Read these online dating tips!” You name it, and they were telling me. I would even get speed dating questions that I should prepare myself for in case I decided to try to.

It was just too much and to be honest it was just overwhelming at the time. If Only… Looking back at that trying time, I wish I had a sincere and respectable site that would have provided me with all the dating tips, dating advice, and even tips on how to flirt my way back into a happy relationship. There were dating sites out there, but they were all commercialized sites with the primary intentions of just making money. I knew I would just be a vehicle for them to achieve that goal. But what about my concerns?

Welcome to “The Dating Zone”

Well that was some time ago, and the times have changed! My trying times prepared me for this time in my life where I am now able to “sincerely” be there for others that are looking for the best dating advice possible.

Here are just a few things you will learn on the Dating Zone:

And much more..

This site is completely for the benefit of those looking to get back on the dating scene and your feed back and advice will help me to make this site that much more personal, a lot more informative, and on point for what you want answered. I am always searching for your input and reviews to find the best dating websites.

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