Approaching a Woman May Not Be That Bad After All

If You Learn the Art of the Approach!

art of approaching women If you are wondering if there really is an art of the approach when it comes to picking up women, then you are in the right place.

Yes, you heard right, there is a proven art of approaching women.

You will learn that there is a tested system that you can learn to meet, date, and yup, sleep with the women of your dreams.

Human behavior is very predictable in certain situations, and if you take the time to learn how to interpret and influence this behavior then you can meet and pick up girls almost at will.

I say almost, because no matter what, there will be a few women that for whatever reason will make it past “Your Approach” before you have time for a close.

You are not concerned with those, and focusing on the ones that give you the immediate feedback that you need to proceed is the key to your success in the dating game.

It is still indeed a numbers game, and playing with a certain skill set and tools on your side will skew the results in your favor time after time.

Myths about Approaching Women

Valuing Looks – Did you know that women do not value a man’s looks nearly as much as you think? Women are emotional creatures that make most of their major decisions based on these same emotions. Learn how to tap into these emotions and most of your work is done.

Women Like Rejecting Men - Contrary to what you learned in grade school, women do not enjoy rejecting men. The actually take pride in being approached when it is done in the right way. This is juicy conversation for their ride home from the mall.

Feedback – Believe it or not, it is a woman’s natural response to reveal her interest through feedback that most of them do not even know they are doing. By learning these signals you will know when to employ “the approach”, but not before!

There are many myths that point to it being extremely difficult to approach and pick up your dream girl but they are just that, myths.

With the right techniques you will eliminate the automatic “bad habits” that most men do when approaching women that ruin your chance right from the start.

art of approaching a woman

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