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by Vincent

I'm not a fan of describing myself in paragraph form so here are some random facts about me:

-I originally came to Chicago for residency training (like the guys on Grey's Anatomy, except I swear I didn't make out with any of the nurses...honest!)

-My job entails knocking people out, waking them back up, and sometimes sticking big needles into people.

-When work gets stressful, I often fantasize about a job as a ninja or superhero vigilante (I like to keep my options open!).

-I'm a movie, TV, and occasionally video game junkie. Sometimes I wonder how I didn't flunk out of med school.

-I'm easily confused by any recipe requiring more than 3 ingredients (The microwave is my best friend!)

-I tend to be liked by children and other small animals.

-Family is important to me (My parents and sister are always a reliable source of amusement to me!)

-I'm kinda obsessed with college football (Go Sooners!) but I'm gradually starting to get into Chicago sports as well.

-I'm a sucker for action movies with big special effects and horrible acting.

-I get a small feeling of satisfaction every time I do a great parallel parking job (Never had to do this before I moved to Chicago!)

-I like pretty much all kinds of music...hip hop, R&B, pop, rock, you name it (except yodeling, I can't stand that!)

-I appreciate good grammar, but after reading some of the profiles on here it looks like I missed the memo where "their" replaced "there" and "your" replaced "you're" in the english language.

-I'm still trying to figure out why the shirtless bathroom pictures seems to be so popular among the guys on here. (Hmm...maybe I should get one too? NOT!)

Anyway, if any of this sounded remotely interesting or funny, drop me a line. Oh, and if you happen to be a royal princess or heiress to a multibillion dollar fortune, you're welcome to message me too. After all, I'm an equal opportunity dater!

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