I'm quiet, but not shy; intelligent, but not arrogant.
I'm adventures and fun; I like exploring and learning new things.
I find people very interesting and enjoy meeting new people (love conversations about most anything).
I love music of all kinds and love to dance.
I am natural but can be formal if the occasion calls for it.
I am a contradiction but valid.
I am a romantic but realistic enough to know a good relationship takes time and the right person.
I am interesting and looking for the same in a man.
If you are interested say hi, and decide for yourself.

I am all those things but here is the me that the right man will get to know: I looking for the one that would give me the moon and all the stars in the sky "If he could" and I have alot to offer myself: I can back a trailer, saddle a horse, bait my own hook and I am one of the best cooks you will find on a campfire or in the kichten. I hope to find my best friend.The one that I can't wait to see or hear his voice when we are apart and he feels the same about me. Who accepts me the way I am and me him. I like things nice and simple (a little fire works ever once and awhile). I like the outdoors and all the beautiful things that God has given us to enjoy. I like a man being a man and I like being a woman, we can still walk side by side equaly holding hands being there and making each others world better. I like to play and have fun and to work hard then at the end of the day being together laying my head on his shoulder or rubing his back just the two of us knowing we are not in this world alone. I want to some day be that little old man and women I see in town together taking care of each other, those two that don't need anything except each other.

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