Have I traveled the world to find you?

I can happily say I have had a pretty awesome life so far. I graduated college and have been backpacking overseas for a good chunk of this last year. Nothing like getting lost to find yourself. I moved to Mass to manage my family's company. I got pretty lucky that this opportunity opened up when it did, as I found the job market to be about as selective as membership into Mensa club right now. I enjoy meeting new people, learning new perspectives, trying new foods), going off the beaten path, and being open to the possibilities of the world. I thrive on adventure, am open minded, love to make people laugh and can make one helluva margarita. My family is mostly in FL, but I was born here in MA, so have returned to my roots so to speak.

I'm looking for a girl that gets my sense of humor, likes to get outside and explore what this crazy place has to offer, dislikes causing stress, can keep up in a conversation with me, and is willing to be my margarita taster with the intent to someday create the perfect margarita. I am here to find friends for now as I just moved here, but am open to the possibility of a relationship

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