Laid back guy needs more chairs!!!

by richard
(leeds uk)

Hi I'm Richard and I have an easygoing nature and I tend to be quite laid-back and often fall out of my chair, and I'm also a good listener especially when I use my ear trumpet. I'm a well-mannered person I never use foul language after I've brushed my teeth and I'm not easily angered until a bill comes through the letter box. And To keep myself fit I walk past the gym 7 times a week, and I can give a good hug as well as a back rub.

I like things to do with sci-fi and horror or the paranormal whether it's on TV in a book or on the computer, but I also like to get out now and then either for a walk a swim or just a drink. I'm confident and have a gsoh and I'm genuine too, I'm also a good listener I'm really interested in what your saying what you're talking about, I want all the details. I'm not really an outgoing person maybe that's because I have no legs no I do have legs, but the things I like to do are mostly done in doors. But I am open to going out somewhere now and again and taking on the interests and activities of my partner to see if I like them hopefully I will so we can be together more.

When its sunny outside I feel like going somewhere and usually I just go for a walk, I'm a quiet person when with a group of people where I don't know most of them, but not if I know all of them I prefer to get to know people on a one to one basis. There are problems when I meet people who are quiet like myself on dates, but when that happens I usually try to take the lead and draw the other person out of their shell, when meeting people for the first time. I don't mind listening to and helping people with any problems they might have or anything else they might want to tell me. I'm a well-mannered person I never use foul language and I'm not easily angered. I'd like to meet a woman who likes romance, who likes holding hands and cuddling someone with a sense of humour and who is open-minded.

My parents had hired a boat for the week and it was the last day of the holiday I'd brought my fishing gear, but hadn't had the chance to fish until now so I got my fishing gear and went outside to fish, but it started to rain so I went into the boat and asked my cousin if I could borrow his Cagoole so I wouldn't get wet I put it on went back outside slipped and fell into the water.

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