LDR. Chinese dating Indian man from India

by Sindy

I'm dating an Indian man. At first it's just a friendship for I know dating a guy from different race will be almost impossible plus we are in different country, culture. We meet when I was shopping at his store, from there we started. As first I don't believe him as I am a tourist, thinking he is just out for fun. As we talk, we date, I get to know I'm his first love..he wants to marry me..he talk to me about his family...his family knows about our relationship..he cares and I believe he loves me for he is not just out for sex for he is willing to stop when I say NO, and I could say it is by one single touch we would have done the deed..
I love him. I have dated but he is the first guy I ever said the three words to. For I believe those words is not to be said unless you really mean it.
Now I'm scared. I scared of unknown. He has propose four time, but three time by message one time by word. I had never answer him for I know if anything might arise will be from my side. My father don't like Indian even those from my country, I don't know how he will response if I marry one and I will move country. And I can see from my father side of family I doubt they can ever accept for they are the class and education level type and very conservative plus my father expect me to marry a Chinese and settle in same country and continue to work for him.
My bf has told me he will get a passport soon to come visit me in my country. I was so happy, shock and scared for I don't know how my family can accept him. I do think I'm snobbish too...but I do hate myself for it for I do have to take care of my family 'face'
Our relationship is only 7 month...dated 5 time...mostly long distance..
I'm very scared I might not be able To be lots of thing....
I still to repay my father for all the sacrifice he made so I can't just leave without giving something in return....It will be to selfish of me...
I cannot not reply him as I do not know what he will be thinking especially we are in long distance relationship..
I will be giving a huge part of my independence when I move to his country as getting work is a problem...
I think I might be able to adapt to the living in his country though I will be facing language and lifestyle differences , that still not adding cultural shock.. I know I survived four months but the rest of my life? That I will need to think long and hard...
So one step at a time...anybody had dated an Indian..? How does you family react? Should I invite him to stay at the family house? Should I just intro him to my father as bf or friend at first? What you had given up to live in India? How did you incorporate you life into India? How do you find independence of getting a job in India? How do you find yourself to be fully dependent on the husband for everything? How you let go the comfort and safety of everything in your life for a life in future with a man you love?

I don't mind any comment, advise, or critics for I need to know for I don't want to goes into wrong road nor do I want to hurt people if I'm in the wrong.

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