...Or should I?

Hi there :D

Im ******* and im a nice guy looking to hang out, as dates tend to add too much pressure.
I think dating is nice when you know the person a little better. :)

So im nice and stuff, but dont get me wrong, i have enough opinions to start my own political party and raise it to power, i just know how to keep them to myself... mostly
although i can be synical, im also a great dreamer and enjoy finding humor and beauty in things people tend not to notice, as well a having a good rant about social conformity, the music industrys and other random things ;)
I like to think im Avant-garde, or just plain original ;p (see what i did there? lol)

I like learning new things, sometimes i randomly research stuff to understand others veiws, i like to see things from all points of veiw. i also like to geek out in the right company. People think im a bit weird sometimes...
haha ;)

I guess im a bit of a geek at heart, But I love it :)

I spend most of my free time at the moment doing things like:
- listening to music
- making music
- writing
- drawing
- drinking coffee :D
- telling my cat to stop scraching my flat
- crusing the net
- gaming
- pondering many things, a deep thinker am I ;D
- walking through town and just look around and get coffee lol

anyway thats me, in as fewer words as i could haha ;p
so drop me a line if you think we'd get on :)

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