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May 14, 2010
Play hard to get
by: Lana

Practice playing hard to get. men love the thrill of the chase, and they respect you for it. Go ahead, be like every other women he's dealt with and sleep with him right out the gate. Be my guest. Sex complicates everything. The dynamics will definately change once the condom comes off. Be careful, and always play hard to get for at least 6 weeks!

Jun 13, 2009
waiting 4 sex
by: Delightfullady4U

It is YOUR body, and if you want to wait then you tell him the truth!!! Tell him this= In order for me to respect anyone I have to respect myself first! I like me, and I really like you, I think you are sexy but I am not ready for a sexual relationship, but Mr. when I am...

I will be worth the wait and I hope that you will be too!!! I want to get to know you better, I don't just want sex, I want to be made love to, I want all the bells and whistles and that takes time to develop between a man and a woman...

If he walks then he wasn't serious about anything EXCEPT how many women he can have sex with...and sad thing is men of all ages are "in a hurry" there is always an excuse! I'm in my 50's and these older men say they dont have time to wait and I say well heck hurry up then and run on to the next willing woman that doesn't give a crap whether she gets a disease....

Always STICK to your beliefs...no i am not perfect, let my guard down and got hurt...thats how we re leran the lesson...you are valuable and not to be used by any man for his sexual needs!

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