sex without love is merely healthy excercise

by Tom

Hi ,

Thanks for looking at my profile, a little about me:

I work hard and i play hard but i try not to take life to seriously!

I enjoy Chess, horse riding, walking, socializing, driving, quite a few board games, clay pigeon shooting

I've done a phenomenal amount for my 29 years so tend to act alot older than my age, that sounds awfully big headed but isn't meant to!

I don't drink excessively or do drugs, (although once in a while i'll have a little too much as we all do! alcohol that is!) I'm heavily motivated in everything I do and don't stop till I succeed, I enjoy helping people at all stages in life and take quite some pleasure in seeing others succeed in their dreams

Trust and loyalty mean everything to me, regardless of whether it is with a friend or lover if I can't trust you I won't waste my time with you

I'm always up for doing new things and learning new skills, I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge about pretty much anything!

I love comedy shows such as the inbetweeners, peep show, frasier, king of queens. They all make me laugh even when having seen them 3 or 4 times!

I'm heavily involved with various charity's, i enjoy helping people and meeting people who are like minded to myself, and i've just started the gym which is surprising fun!

I think Battlestar galactica (the modern one) is the best sci fi series ever made!

If you'd like to know more please, drop me a message

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