What are you smiling about?!

by Arash
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Pleased to meet you,

I am extremely excited to be here where you can learn about another person first before making any connections and be disappointed. I am interested in finding an exciting and smart woman (not a little girl) who is attractive, mature and independent to share many great moments with. Someone that can be spontaneous, adventurous and fun and isn?t afraid about other people?s opinion and trying new things. A great and understanding friend before a lover. Self-respecting without being selfish. A woman who knows what she wants in life and willing to take an extra mile to achieve it.

In return, I will be the greatest friend you can ever dream of having who is honest, open-minded and respects you for who you are without trying to change you. I will be making you laugh, think and amused. We?ll be going around the town looking for the next greatest thing to do together which later on we refer to as ?hey remember that crazy time when we ...?!?.

I am a designer and an entrepreneur and love it. I?m always thinking about fresh, creative and exciting ways to make my life and business more exciting. I?ve tried many 9-5 jobs and it was way too dull for my taste and I felt as if I was wasting my time and talent. I rarely follow socially expected ways of living and always looking to learn, try and explore new things in new and creative ways. Music plays a big role in my life and always actively seeking new artists and songs that interest me. I have many favorite artists but I?m not going to bore you with listing them, you might find out later, eventually. I?m a bit flirty and been told I have a great smile and try to use it to my advantage whenever I can. I prefer to hear and see more about the person I?m seeking and as we connect, we can chat one on one, we then learn about each other and see if it?s a possible match.
Please feel free to introduce yourself if you feel there might be a spark.

Thank you for your time and I?m looking forward to hear from you soon.

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