What's your take on this

by Trisportgirl
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi Everyone.

So I met this guy online who said he was looking for a relationship. We hit it off and started dating exclusively for a couple months. We never really had any arguements or disagreements but when one came up that was the end of us. It wasn't a big deal but he didn't call for days.

Anyway here's what I don't get. He set up a profile online on the website we met on and was looking for an intimate encounter.

Preferences listed petite women....I am not petite. I don't really think I'm fat but I am 5'9".

He set up that profile the day before we met and discussed our disagreement. He said how happy he was with me and that he didn't want it to end this way.

We went out a couple more times but something wasn't right....That's when I decided to check if he was online again.

When I confronted him he said it was none of my business. I was so hurt and insulted that he was looking for the opposite of me.

I demanded to know why he just didn't tell me from the beginning he was looking for just sex with a petite woman.

Was I wrong to be hurt or think it was my business? Since that time he has ignored me again.

Won't answer my calls. I have no idea what gives. He said he still wanted to be my friend.

He was the one who persued me, wanted to see me every day, gave me the key to his house, willing and came out to meet my family and friends.

What's Your Take on This?

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