You Look Familar to My Heart

by Andrew
(Simi Valley, CA, USA)

I believe everyone deserves to love someone who loves them. I am confident being open and live my life in an honest way. My profile describes only a part of me and you would have fun finding out the rest.

I've lived in Santa Barbara for years and now live in Simi Valley. I now make my own way through life at a long career in management and sales and love all the activities in the LA area! But, I seek someone to hold, to share the great things we have together in a long term relationship. I've had it before and looking again.

I am well balanced because I've had great highs in life and experienced loss. I can be anyone I want to be. I'm the one who reaches a stranger on the deepest emotional level they have ever experienced or I'm the ripped guy on the beach in the cool sunglasses or even the man in a suit leading a team. Attorneys, psychologists, accountants, entertainers, and business owners identify with me when we meet in social circles. I don't get a ticket if stopped by the police. They hear what I have to say. Artists feel awkward when their first impression of me turns out to be completely wrong. I have a lot of depth and this enables me to fit easily within many situations.

I am extroverted, but care more about a home environment and the one person I am with. I like to make someone laugh and seeing people smile makes me feel good. It's easy for me to be entertaining in public or creative behind closed doors. I'm the guy at a party everyone's glad was invited. At home afterwards, I'm able to have deeply logical and philosophical discussions that reveal more understanding. I can be charmingly old fashioned yet surprisingly modern from my strong interests in pop culture. I cultivate my appearance and friendly personality. I like people, they like me. When I walk into a room, everyone notices, when I leave, everyone remembers me in a good way.

I have the body of a 25 year old from lifting weights and the wisdom of one older than my years from many experiences. When I first meet someone, they notice we develop quick connections as I am unusually easy to talk to. I'm a great listener and many people know their best conversations have been with me. I possess a strong character and know its value. I am well developed mentally and physically and use those strengths to follow through on my plans successfully.

However, my IQ is not as big as my heart and I look for that quality in another. I am tall and hard muscled on the outside, but a hopeless romantic on the inside and it's one of my strengths. I'm the hard to find guy that is equally turned on by one's intelligence, personality, or beauty and I'm not intimated by any of them.

While there may be a lot of money in a relationship, I don't value it for adding to a lasting bond. I know what is important. I work to improve important parts of life together and create magnetism that sustains a relationship. Communicating often through conversation and various forms of physical contact is good. I enjoy developing strong emotional connections with one as she looks into my blue eyes. She has a smile and a kiss for me when we see each other and I have one for her. I have a lot of energy and embrace life with optimism and this inspires the person I'm with.

I don't have a firm checklist for a match, but I get into a woman who's compassionate. I have manners and respect women. Chivalry is valuable and being chivalrous is a way I show a connection to one in a relationship. But, I?m a balanced person. I can be aggressive/masculine and like ones that are attracted to those qualities in me too. This builds a lot of passion back and forth between us. Intimate contact with me can be intense and reach new highs in the bedroom with someone I have an emotional connection to.

I'm not a fan of drama and don't bring any to a relationship. I focus on what we have overcome to be good today. When I am with a woman, I am confident in our bond, know its meaning, and don?t care if the world knows it. I know how to commit emotionally and physically and show it in a meaningful way. Not interested in a sexual fantasy, but I?m driven to find an honest and balanced relationship from the inside of who we are. It would be fantastic to meet someone possessing similar desires and I?m looking forward to meeting you.

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