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T M I !!!!
by: Lana

Way to much information sister! You lost me on the second sentence. When I scrolled down TWICE and saw more, I said "she can't be serious". Not sure if you really expect to land a man with all of that mumbo jumbo. Flexibility is the key. I understand wanting and needing what you want for happiness, however, you may have found the love of your life, but he has a tattoo! How foolish? I don't wear tattoos, and I'm recently seperated, but I wouldn't run off a potential suitor b/c of a tattoo. Geesh, lighten up a bit, and give exactly what you want to have. Be the lover and friend you want to attract. Good luck and best wishes!

thanks for u r response
by: Anonymous

1. I thought I had done a spell check but I will do it again.
2. This was a mistake. I meant to state that I don't date African men. I put that done bc I gets lots of them interested in me.
3. Thanks for the compliment about my bone structure. I do have another current picture of myself which has my hair down and my arms are down to the side.
4. This new picture is full length picture of me not showing any skin at all.
5. I didn't think my profile jumped around but I will look at that.

Your advice is great! I will definitely follow it.

by: Anonymous

1. Use spell check.
2. You state that you are interested in an AF/AM man but then follow with their culture is too different. Is that an error.
3. You have great bone structure. I have to think that you have a better photo of yourself. Let your hair down and don't pick a picture with your arms closing off your torso. However, your smile in that photo is very good. Whatever you do, don't get a "glamour Shot" pic.
4. Show your body. Pick an outfit that accents your curves without showing too much skin. Keep it appropriate if you want to attract a conservative man.
5. Your profile is difficult to follow. It's jumps around a bit. Start with who you are and then explain what kind of man you are looking for in addition to what kind of realtionship you are looking for.

Good Luck

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